The Statement of differences from LKG series to LKG(U)/LKG(T)

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           The Statement of differences from LKG series to LKG(U)/LKG(T)

When diameter is at 5mm, in low voltage range, the life of LKG is at 8,000 Hrs, and LKG(T)/LKG(U) is at 10,000 Hrs, respectively.

In order to make a clear understanding on the differences from standard products, LKG, our RnD gives a new name to the Non-standard products, for example, LKG(T), LKG(U) etc., under the instruction of related regulations of Ymin. The Data Sheet is the officially approved standard on the specified Non-standard products, which is issued by our RnD.

The specification, illustrated in our catalogues or brochures, is for standard values. However, we will improve/modify some certain specifications of certain values, as per our clients' requirements.  The improvement includes Life, Size, and so on. The data sheet, issued by our RnD, is correct and effective. After the samples are accepted and approved by our clients, we will upload the info. to our ERP system, accordingly. Orders will be put into production against on the uploaded specifications.

On the behalf of Ymin, I declare that Ymin will always be responsible for each individual client, as well as, every single capacitor that we produced.

Here is latest data sheet, illustrated as below, please check for more reference 




























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